Thursday, March 15, 2012

My kitchen as a food studio

 I'm 6 weeks into an class called "Whole Food Kitchen"  by Heather Bruggeman of the blog beautythatmoves, and felt inspired to share our kitchen with you.  Our house it dated 1898, and these are the kitchen/appliances/countertops that came with the house when we bought it.  the center countertop is an obvious place for everyone to put their school papers, mail, books, etc as they walk in the back door, but for quite some time I've insisted that the space be kept clear.  I wondered if this was  a bit obsessive, but have recently heard several cooks I respect state that this is key to feeling inspired to cook more at home.  The majority of my day is spent here, and most of the time something is in process:  beans soaking, bread or pizza dough rising,  vegetables being chopped for the evening meal, etc.  In between, I like to keep the counters as clear as possible for the next meal, snack, or other creation.
 I have more spices that I use regularly than room on my rack.  I may have to do something about that!
Most pantry items I keep in wide-mouth glass jars.

My flours are still in plastic, for now.  I do like the airtight seals, but will be keeping my eyes open for large jars to switch to.

How do you view your kitchen?  Is its set-up conducive to mindful cooking?

I'd like to talk more about my favorite tools, but will save that for the next post.